I'm Alexandria.
25. Engaged to the love of my life. Mommy to Bryson. 03.21.14
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Update :D

I’m so excited in general for everything. My son is beautiful and hefty haha. I think I’ll weigh him tomorrow to see how big my bubby has gotten. I am a mere 3 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight and it has only been a little over 2 weeks since Bryson was born. I can officially pull down my jeans without unbuttoning them. We are going to look at another wedding venue on Thursday. It’s by far the least expensive venue we’ve seen and it holds more than all of the other places too! It also allows outside catering, which is a huge plus. It’s just a ballroom so we will have to transform it ourselves, but for the price you honestly can’t beat that! Just so much good stuff has been happening recently and to top it off, I’m pretty sure that it’s actually starting to get warm where I live. Thank you Jesus! I can’t wait until I can take Bryson on walks and not have to worry about him getting cold.